How to Tell If You Have a Dependency

You may be hesitant to call The Treatment Center, because you're not sure your alcohol or drug use qualifies as a dependency. Dependency itself, however, can blur your judgment. Honest answers to a few questions can help you determine if it’s time to call us for alcohol or drug rehab at (954) 871-0425.

  1. Are you drinking or using drugs every day?
  2. Do you surround yourself with people who are regular drinkers or drug users?
  3. Have you missed work because of your drinking or drug use? Were you out trying to score some drugs when you should have been at work? Has your drinking ever caused you to lose track of time?
  4. Has your alcohol or drug use caused blackouts?
  5. Do you do things when you’re using or drinking that you need to apologize for afterwards?
  6. Do you take drugs or drink when you’re alone?
  7. Do you take prescription drugs to get high?
  8. Has your drinking or drug use replaced other favorite activities?
  9. Do you wake up in the morning wondering where your next drink or fix will come from?
  10. Has anyone who cares about you suggested that you drink or use too much?
  11. Have you tried to stop drinking or using on your own and failed?

A “Yes” answer to even one of these questions could mean that you have, or are on the way to, a drug or alcohol dependency.

Answering “Yes,” to several of them is a clear sign that you’re dependent and in need of help. Place an immediate call from Pompano Beach to The Treatment Center at (954) 871-0425. We’re available 24/7/365 to accompany you every step of the way from diagnosis and detox to a healthy, happy hope-filled life.


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