Pain Management in Pompano Beach, FL

Chronic pain has led millions of people down the road to drug dependency. The opiates often prescribed for pain relief demand larger and larger dosages to remain effective. Addiction slowly, but inevitably, takes control. These medications can be doubly dangerous, because they’re legally available with a doctor’s prescription. If you can’t get through the day without repeat doses of your opiate painkiller, don’t waste another minute.

Call The Treatment Center from Pompano Beach. Our 24/7/365 number is (954) 871-0425. Your body will keep demanding the pills. Attempting to go cold turkey without proper pain management skills could trigger health-endangering withdrawal symptoms.

At the Treatment Center, our trained medical staff will oversee a safe detox program to wean you from the painkillers. They’ll provide the drug rehab treatment necessary to make your pain manageable without opiates. You’ll get the therapy necessary to cope with the emotional stress associated with chronic pain.

Our holistic pain management therapies avoid narcotics. They teach you to control your pain without resorting to addictive medications, once our detox has cleansed your system of the opiates. Pain management techniques at The Treatment center include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Pain psychotherapy
  • EMDR stress Therapy

Anxiety that the pain might return can be a real stumbling block to overcoming pain medication dependency. Out staff is dedicated to providing you with non-addictive alternatives to pain management. When you’re confident that you can manage your pain, you’ll face the future with hope instead of despair. Don’t delay your decision another minute.

Call The Treatment center from the Pompano Beach area at (954) 871-0425 today. We offer a progressive drug rehab program to treat pain medication dependency. It restores your self-respect and teaches you the responsibility necessary to combat your opiate dependency with effective pain management techniques.


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