Alcohol and Drug Detox Pompano Beach, FL

Drug or alcohol dependency can sneak up on you without warning. These dependencies begin innocently enough before destroying your health, relationships and finances. You may enjoy a few drinks on the occasional evening out, or indulge in recreational drug use. Even medications prescribed for pain managemenl can open the door to dependency. As time passes, the opportunities to drink become more and more important. The drugs become less and less effective, so you take them in ever-increasing stronger doses. You’ve started down the road to dependency. Maybe you’re already there.

Pompano Beach has a ready supply of drugs and alcohol. Becoming hooked on them is much, much easier than facing and defeating an existing dependency. The professional staff at The Treatment Center understands the challenges you'll be facing once you’ve accepted the need for help in controlling your addiction. They’re ready with the skills to guide you back to health and the happy, balanced life you once knew. One call from Pompano Beach to our 24/7/365 line at (954) 871-0425 will get you on your way. We know that the holidays can be hardest on drug- or alcohol-dependent people, and we’re always ready for your call.

The Treatment Center offers a full slate of on-site alcohol and drug detox treatments, so you can complete your program at a single location. These services include:

  • Dual diagnosis to determine the full scope of your dependency
  • Complete, medically supervised detox programs
  • Inpatient alcohol and drug rehab
  • Support groups so you know you’re not alone
  • Educational groups so you can understand how dependency happens
  • A transitional living program to ease your way back to normal life

Our professional nurses and staff will supervise your drug or alcohol detox treatment. Your brain absorbs drugs and alcohol differently. Safe withdrawal from either requires oversight by people trained to recognize and help you through the the emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms for each.


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